About Portland Roads

Portland Roads has an amazing outlook over the Great Barrier Reef with Forbes Island on the horizon. The boat ramp at Portland Roads gives access to people with their own boats, an opportunity try world class fishing, diving etc.

The Mothership services the trawlers once a fortnight and brings supplies for Portland residents who go out in their small boats and dinghies and unload. It’s great to watch, and will give you a real taste of what life is like up here in this remote Cape York region.

About 10 kms away by road, you can access the crystal clear tropical waters, white sands and palm fringed beach of Chili Beach. Restoration Island (where Bligh landed after being set adrift from the Bounty) is just off the coast from Chili Beach.

History of Portland Roads

In the 1930’s a wharf was built to ship cattle out of the Cape. During WWII the Americans upgraded the wharf and sealed the road from Portland Roads to Lockhart River where three airstrips were built. Bombers from this airstrip flew to PNG to harass the Japanese. After the war, the wharf fell into disrepair and was eventually pulled down.